Software Architecture

Is your software built to evolve?

We design and manage software to meet your ever-changing needs

As every business leader knows, custom software can either make — or break — your company. Off-the-shelf software simply cannot provide the sustainable competitive advantage your business needs to get ahead and stay ahead. But custom software can also be a minefield. Common problems include poor design, architecture that doesn’t scale, weak project management, undisciplined testing, and inadequate support. Any one of these issues can lead to scope creep, missed deadlines, and budget overruns.

One of the primary concerns while designing a software system is code quality. Higher quality is easier to maintain. Easy to maintain software has numerous benefits:

Stability – high-quality code has fewer bugs, is easier to use, and has better performance

Agility – your code can easily change to meet the new needs of the market Quick

Onboarding – you can get new developers/consultants up and running quickly

Security – the sloppier the code, the more security flaws and vulnerabilities

Our team lead regularly review project code for better organization, possible bugs, and adherence to standards agreed upon at the start of the project and to enforce the latest coding standards, we have a team. We balance the cost of writing “pure code” with getting “quick and dirty” code out early. We don’t just develop the requirements we are told, we validate that the features fit into your definition of success. To mitigate risk and to optimize return on investment (ROI), we take a value-driven approach to development. We propose the features that will bring the most value to you and do those first. It’s possible these will even be in the release of the first milestone, which will be (albeit extremely limited) working software!