World Class Back Office


Predictive models help auditors identify discrepancies resulting in 92% savings in claims and audit effort.


Seamlessly integrate all aspects of the procurement process resuling in 25% cost reduction in supply chain operations.


$50-300 Savings Per Converted Lead.

Supply Chain

80% in supply chain operational cost and process data 4x faster.

Financial Services

72% reduction in customer onboarding time and 33% reduction in onboarding costs.

Contract Management

80% reduction in total manual effort and eliminate 100% of human errors managing complex documents.

IT Operations

Reduction of 21% in the effort required to monitor infrastructure by combining the best of AI with process automation.

Auto Claims Management

70% reduction in claim processing time by leveraging our AI, intelligent document and natural language processing.

Small Business Loans

80% reduction in loan processing time for small business loans.