Custom Software Projects

Expert Team Of Developers

We specialize in solving tough business problems with elegant software that works as promised. Industry experts have accepted our rigorous, iterative approach as the best possible way to develop software. We are experts in Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET MVC, Java and iOS technologies as well as web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, Python and others. Our Expert Team of Developers Works with Clients to Design, Develop and Deploy Software Applications using Best-of-Breed Tools Like ASP.NET MVC Core, Python, Angular and JavaScript.

Requirements Discovery and Design

Virtual meetings to gather and understand your business, walkthrough of current system and proposal to accomplish your end goal.


Our developers work with you to apply ongoing feedback request and provide a working product to serve the needs of your business.


Once your product is in place, we can provide iterative development for ongoing changes, general maintenance and mentorship for in-house developers.

Businesses looking for external help developing a solution can often face one of the following:

  • Consultants that don’t know development. They use partners and subcontractors which creates a disconnect between the software being developed and the overall strategy behind it.
  • Software engineering firms with little business background. They don’t truly understand how the software fits into your overall business strategy.

In both cases, these firms are simply looking for a 12-month engagement. They are rarely invested in the businesses they work with. 

By comparison, our custom development package — including product design, project management, and in-house code development — is designed to create a long-term partnership with our customers.

Our strategy draws from founder Sam Schutte’s MBA background and his experience running multiple companies, as well as his team’s 13-plus years assisting organizations with custom software needs.

The result is a pragmatic, low-risk process for taking a complex software system from concept to reality, with minimal risk and guaranteed delivery and with a plan for its future.

Our Software Development Process

1. Design and Discovery

The design and discovery engagement phase is all about us doing our homework to learn your business. We’re often asked for quick quotes over the phone, but quality custom development doesn’t work that way. If a company offers you a quick quote, run!

Consists of two to three virtual meetings to gather and understand the business requirements that exist for an “end goal” system, and a walkthrough of existing software systems and architecture. 

If necessary, we obtain a copy of the source code for your current system and the database structure to review its current quality and state and determine if this will affect ongoing development

2. Proposal – Our proposals include:

  • A Requirements Document for the desired features and functionality.
  • An implementation plan and project proposal with the goal of delivering the most urgent features, at the lowest amount of risk, for the lowest cost.
  • Other ideas around your overall product design. We can work with you to iterate new features for the software you may not have yet considered.  
  • We’ll be happy to present to your senior management – we’ve had plenty of experience going before the CEOs or executive boards to explain the business case and value of our proposal.

3. Build

Once the proposal has been approved, phase one includes the major development push. By the end of this phase, you’re guaranteed to have a working product including any core requirements needed to get user buy-in and benefit.

Ongoing Feedback Requests – Throughout development, we’ll record screencast videos that reduce the number of meetings necessary and make it easy to work with us.

Defect Warranty – At the end of this phase, the defect warranty goes into place.

4. Maintain

After we deliver the working product, what comes next depends on the needs of your company depending on the product life cycle.

These options include:

  • Iterative development to add less pressing or nice-to-have features.
  • Maintenance mode (learn more about our ongoing monthly flat-rate maintenance packages)
  • Mentorship of in-house developers

Companies that pull us into development do it for several reasons, such as limited internal development staff or the lower risk/cost of hiring externally. These needs don’t simply go away, and we often have ongoing agreements with many of our customers. If these conditions change; however, we can undergo a knowledge transfer/project hand-off at any time.

How We Assess Scope

“Unless there’s a revenue opportunity tied to a feature, then it’s not in the scope.” That’s the standard we work from. 

Our aim is to make sure that every project we complete for our customers equates to a 300 to 800% return on investment. We do this by limiting the scope to revenue-generating and essential features. 

We can help you challenge the business assumptions driving the need for specific features and even prove business models associated with a specific project or feature.

We assess scope by asking questions such as:

    • What features in other systems that we have to replace?
    • What other systems does this touch?
    • What are people currently doing on paper, email, or excel that needs to be automated and controlled?
    • What business needs should be fulfilled by the end of phase one and what are you unsure about that could be pushed to a later phase of development?

The Benefits of Working with Us

Our Flat Rate Guarantee — We guarantee to successfully deliver the specified feature scope outlined in our proposal at the quoted price. This guarantee reduces your risk. There are no unknown costs or scope creep. And we will work until we deliver what we’ve promised. As part of this guarantee, we also provide a defect warranty.

Risk Mitigation — Our iterative development process enables us to test functionality and even business models as we go along so that you’re not spending months waiting for something that’s not what you wanted or that doesn’t add value to your business after all. 

Progress-based Billing — We bill at certain milestones so that you’re only paying for the progress we make.

Custom developers familiar with your tech stack and workflow — When you have new development needs that require external help, we’re already familiar with your unique business needs and operations.

Seasoned Senior Developers — Our team of senior developers work conjointly on projects. We’re experienced at learning and supporting a wide range of systems, such as systems built using .NET, Java, Classic ASP, HTML/JavaScript, Android, iOS Desktop and SDK frameworks.

Strategists and Developers in One — Our broad experience in the marketplace enables us to help our clients create a better product than they originally had in mind, and, in some cases, new ideas for workflow processes and even new business value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Per our contracts for custom-built software, you will own the software, including the code.

Our contracts include knowledge transfer and training.

After we design the system, you have the option of taking over the maintenance or continuing on with a flat rate monthly maintenance plan. Learn more about our monthly plans

Our contracts come with a defect warranty. If something isn’t working property due to code that we wrote, we will fix it at no additional cost.